Eurofit Velour Saddle Pad with Lambskin Panels - Mattes

Custom-made saddle pad

Manufacturing time :
4 to 6 weeks / Embroidery + 1 week

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spinefree mattes 

This Eurofit velour saddle pad is lined with real wool panels on the contact area between the saddle and the horse's back. 

High quality polyester velvet that is easily cleaned. The glossy fiber creates a beautiful lustrous appearance, yet is very resistant and doesn't lose its color over time.
Washing and drying at 30 ° maximum.
Thicker than the Mattes cotton rug, it has a nice soft aspect.

This piece of riding equipment is made with thick and compact fleece. The pure natural wool ensures an ideal weight distribution, decreases the pressure on the horse's back and reduces rubbing on its skin. In addition, natural wool immediately absorbs sweat  8x faster than synthetic fiber due to a constant flow of air circulating between the fibers of the wool. Because it provides good thermal regulation, it can be used for both summer and winter seasons. 

Spinefree: In order to avoid any painful or uncomfortable pressure on the wither and the spine of the horse, there is no wool along this area. 

The top of this pad is made of very tightly woven cotton and stitched with the infamous Mattes pattern.




The dark or bright color of the sheep can rub off on lighter fabrics as well as light colored horses and leathers. For this reason, we recommend that you do not combine light colored fabrics and bindings with dark or bright wool.

Eurofit saddle pad with lambskin panels and trim in front (image presents the cotton version)

Eurofit saddle pad with lambskin panels and trim in front and rear (image presents the cotton version)

Eurofit saddle pad with lambskin panels and lambskin strips along the front edge (image presents the cotton version)


saddle fix

Saddle-fix: to be perfectly seated in the saddle.
To make your saddle pad more reliable, use the Saddle-fix system: it secures the pad to the saddle, thus keeping it in position, the horse's spine is free and the its back is protected from the pad's pressure.

Correction system: because the only constant in a horse is change.
2 pockets that can contain several layers of Poly-flex, which will allow you to adapt your saddle to several different horses or to the evolution of your own horse. You can adapt the balance of your saddle by modifying the thicknesses in the front or back of the saddle.
This item comes with 12 inserts (6 for the front and 6 for the back).
You can control whether the balance of your saddle is perfectly adapted with the Balance Ball: a simple measuring assistant.

This Mattes saddle pad is a very high quality product, whose technical and aesthetic qualities are unsurpassed.

Size Chart
Size A-B C-D E-F G-H
S AP 47 46,5 34 57
S Dressage 47 50 47 50,5
S Jumping 47 47 35 64
M AP 54 49,5 36 62,5
M Dressage 54 53 50 56
M Jumping 54 48 37 69
L AP 58 51,5 38 68
L Dressage 58 56 53 60
L Jumping 58 50 40 74
XL AP 62 51,5 38 73,5
XL Dressage 62 56 53 66
XL Jumping 62 50 40 79
mesures tapis Mattes eurofit
Terms of delivery

These saddle pads being customizable,

it will be necessary to count a manufacturing time of 7 to 9 working weeks / embroidery + 1 week


We will send them to you in 24 or 48 hours

according to the delivery method you will have chosen at the time of your order.

This product will be realized according to your specifications, it means, the information provided in your order : size, colors and options.
Considering the specificity of Customizable products, they can not be exchanged or refunded.
For any question about a color or a technical specification, please contact us :

According to Article L121-20-2 of the Code of Consumption :
The right of withdrawal may be exercised (...) for contracts (...) 3 ° supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized.

The embroidery will be done strictly following your indications, spelling, capital letters, size, font and color.
For saddle pads they will be made on one side (left as on the visual).

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