Riding Helmet - Antarès

Custom-made Riding Helmet

Manufacturing time :
8 to 10 weeks

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The Antares Customizable Riding Helmet
This exceptional helmet offers the rider numerous advantages:

The Antares helmets are distinguished by their unique design and their multitude of customization possibilities.
Choose the colors and materials of the shell, inserts, bandeau, even the color of the aerators and of the seams.
The interchangeable bandeau allows you to match your helmet to your show coat and saddle pad.
You can also have your name or logo printed on the bandeau, choose this option in the menu and send us your logo or text by email by clicking here.
ATTENTION! This option does not apply to bandeaus in Alcantara, Nubuck or Galuchat.

Antarès is a traditional saddlery, dedicated to high-end leathers. They prove their expertise in the domain with every helmet created.
The leather has a scotchguard treatment and is thus protected from the rain.

Casque Custom Antares face Casque Antares Custom Profil Casque Antares Custom arrière

Antares Helmet Sizes
The Antares helmets are available in sizes 53 to 61. 
The 3 shell sizes cover several head sizes due to a removable foam lining.

Size correspondence / foam thickness
   16  12  8 4
 Coque S  53 S  54 S  55 S 56 S
 Coque M  56 M  57 M  58 M 59 M
 Coque L  58 L  59 L  60 L 61 L

Antarès helmets are conform with the following standards : ASTM F1163-15 / EN1384-2017 / VG1 01.040 2014-12 and is marked with CE and SEI certifications.


Article 7.2 § C
« The helmet is designed to absord some of the energy from a shock with a partial destruction of the cap or inner padding, or both. This damage may not be visible and therefore any helmet that has been hit must be destroyed and replaced with a new »
This means that no helmet can be repaired. 
In addition, the manufacturer's guarantee does not coer the damages caused by the helmet's use, especially in the event of a fall

The Antares Custom helmet is also approved for cross country riding thanks to its flexible visor.

Comfort & Fit:
Lightweight (580g), airy and very comfortable, it fits perfectly to the shape of your head thanks to the additional foams placed on the sides or front and back of the helmet.
The jugular encompasses the head and ensures that the helmet is held in place during riding activities or in the case of an accident.

Antares Warranty:
Any issues due to the quality of fabrication are under warranty for1 year.
Has your helmet been impacted by a fall and you want to test its reliability? Antares tests the inner shell for a fixed fee of  30€, excluding the shipping costs. Contact us for more information.

Caring for The Antares Custom Helmet:
Leather: Clean with a damp sponge and glycerine soap from time to time.
Nubuck : Waterproof before its first use. To remove dirt, use a suede eraser.
Glossy shell : A damp sponge is enough to thoroughly clean. Do not use an abrasive sponge.
Inner foams : These are removable and machine washable at 30 °C.

Technical Overview: 
Shell: ABS has the function of dispersing shock and optimum puncture resistance
Bandeau: Polycarbonate ( very strong ) covered with vinyl laminate customizable.
6 Aerators ABS: Maximum openings allows the helmet to pass the standards ASTM F1163-15 / EN1384-2017.
Jugular: Teflon treated leather (waterproof) and PU foam 3 mm. The interior is lined in lambskin. Fixed to the helmet by stainless steel rivets, while other helmet brands often use only glue.
Visor: LDPE ensuring flexibility in case of fall and is covered in leather.
Inner hard foam shell : EPS, ability to absorb shocks.
Inner foam lining in PU: allows for the best possible adapting to head shape and creates a positive response to the breath effect which ensures the renewal of air. The foams are covered with a durable fabric to resisit certain abrasions ( sweat, heat, dust ... ).

Materials mentioned in the Technical Overview:
EPS: expanded plastic polymer that is widely consumed, which has a capacity to absorb shocks.
ABS: Styrene butadiene Acrylonite is a thermoplastic used by industry for rigid products, lightweight and molded (shell, helmet, fairing)
PC: Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic extremely shock resistant (glass bulletproof helmet, automobile taillights)
PU: Polyurethane is a plastic polymer that is found in different forms, the most common is the foam used for comfort.
LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic, the main applications of LDPE are flexible products.

Riders Wearing Antares Helmets:

Philippe Le Jeune, World Champion 2010
Virginia Atger,
Cédric Lyard, Olympic Champion CEC
Alizee Froment, international dressage rider
The Horse Ball Team of Bordeaux Blanzac

Terms of delivery

These helmets being customizable,

it will be necessary to count a manufacturing time of 8 to 10 working weeks


We will send them to you in 24 or 48 hours

according to the delivery method you will have chosen at the time of your order.

This product will be realized according to your specifications, it means, the information provided in your order : size, colors and options.
Considering the specificity of Customizable products, they can not be exchanged or refunded.
For any question about a color or a technical specification, please contact us : info@mon-cheval.fr.

According to Article L121-20-2 of the Code of Consumption :
The right of withdrawal may be exercised (...) for contracts (...) 3 ° supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized.

The embroidery will be done strictly following your indications, spelling, capital letters, size, font and color.
For saddle pads they will be made on one side (left as on the visual).

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